“The people who give you their food give you their heart.”
- Cesar Chavez

There is nothing more satisfying than the thank yous we get from clients. This is who we cook for, and what we work for. It’s how we know we’ve fed people well. If you have had a postitive experience with our catering or at one of our locations, please leave a review on Yelp or Google+. We love to hear from you!

I had my daughter’s bat mitzvah at Mora Mora – I could not have been more pleased. The food was amazing – the set up was perfect and the staff are an absolute delight to work with. The set up is modern yet cozy. It was truly the best day of my entire life. I am hoping my younger daughter will want to do it at Mora Mora as well.


There is truly no way to express my thanks – not only that you did this for me on such short notice, but the food and the staff surpassed what I imagined. I have to tell you about your staff ladies – whom I am embarrassed to admit, I never learned their names. It IS possible I DID learn their names, but I am so exhausted from 2 weddings in 2 weekends, that I barely know my own name. We have never, ever, had ANYONE work in our home who was as perfect and professional as your three ladies. That statement does NOTHING to convey their actual perfection and I don’t even know where to begin to describe what it was that they did – because it was EVERYTHING! They came on the property, and not only took charge, but took over in such a way that it was literally as though they’d worked here hundreds of times before. And their grace and good humor honestly made me feel as though they should have been guests at my son’s wedding. And yet, they were so totally invisible, I can’t actually remember seeing them. I DO remember their smiles and here’s something else: any time I sort of woke up to something needing to be done, they had already taken care of it. I will tell you – I heard a peculiar sound at one point, that I just couldn’t place and finally, when I went to look, saw them carrying my rental chairs what was really quite a long ways, to put them into my garage – a labor I myself had performed that morning, and had found very annoying. I had no idea they would do that and I KNOW I didn’t thank them enough. They actually thanked my husband for letting them work at our party. I don’t know – I hope they are valued employees of yours and not just some random ladies you came across, because they are borderline adoptable. And I apologize for constantly referring to them as “them” and “ladies” – again, though, I just didn’t learn their names. We gave them each $100 dollars, which was meant to convey how grateful we were, but in hindsight, even that doesn’t seem enough. We are just so incredibly grateful,


Hi, Paola. I spoke with Gina on Monday to thank her and asked that she relay our thank you to you! Finally finding a few minutes to be able to compose an email to convey our heartfelt thanks for helping make the evening for all of us so special! Now that we have had time to connect with so many of our friends and family….everyone raved about the hors d’oeuvre’s! That they were delice and the presentation was phenomenal! The reubens were a big hit:)! They were plentiful as well! I loved the mini coronas with the chicken and the petrone. So awesome! That night , I had 3 people comment about the corn bread alone. The basa fish was a big hit! As were the desserts! The presentation was spot on! Not only was the food amazing, but so was your staff! And, you….not sure how you managed to be everywhere, but you were so helpful and attentive to Seth, me and our family! In addition to prepping your staff, you were amazing! You made the space work and run flawlessly. Thank you again for taking the journey with us and truly helping create such a memorable evening for us! I cannot wait to see some pics of the evening! I’ll forward some to you…. All our best, Dani and Seth

Dani & Seth

I come to G&H occasionally for the “choose your own salad” which is very good. but learned the other day that they are the masters of something else. I needed ONE MORE Christmas basket to give a colleague, and both my high-end grocery stores failed me… What to do?? Garelick and Herbs popped into my head. Sure enough, they would make a basket with the items I wanted and how much I want to spend? “Sir, it will be ready in an hour.” “What hour” “An hour from right now.” Given the fact that one of the high end stores needed 3-4 days to construct a cheese basket, I was impressed – and it was Dec.23rd. But that was nothing how impressed and pleased I was when i picked up the basket. For $60, it was filled with a great assortment and large quantities of meats, cheeses, crackers and oils, all in a quality wicker basket. Merry Christmas to me! And the staff was VERY cheerful. G&H has become my go-to for the rest of the year when I need gift baskets.

Mike G

How do you write a whole paragraph to describe the job Garelick and Herbs did catering our wedding when it only takes one word? That word is “Perfect”. Everything they did was simply flawless. Our wedding was as special as it was in large part to Garelick and Herbs. We’ll always be grateful.

Dave & Jacqueline Price

I and my family members are more than frequent attendees of your establishment , on the post road in Greenwich CT… I have established this lovely and loving community as my second HOME AWAY FROM HOME… I am writing to share this information in order to let you be reminded of the exceptional group of servers and service, under the direction of Efrain, that I never fail to receive!!! I am always greeted with a happy face; regardless of the chaos which occurs at prime times… the presentation of the food and the cleanliness, is self-evident… when I have been absent for a while there is always someone to ask of my wellbeing… you are very lucky to have gathered such help and I pray they are rewarded appropriately… I cannot recall all the names of the staff but a few I do remember are John, Sharon, Rose, Norma and all the BOYS in the back!!!!!


Thank you for our beautiful kiddush lunch. The food was amazing, the staff professional and courteous, and the entire process much less stressful than I imagined, thanks to you. We had many people commenting on how delicious the food was, saying it was the best kiddush luncheon they’d had!

Rebecca Lavi & Family

Your staff was so kind and professional. I really appreciated their calm, pleasant work style. I also appreciate all the time you spent helping me plan for this event. There was no end to the compliments.

Tara Stone

The food received rave reviews – and that’s from people who ‘know food’.

Bonne & David Ball

Hi, Lori & Gina— I know that TCS wasn’t the client for last night’s AIPAC event but I wanted to let you know that as always, the G&H team was great. Food was delicious, nicely presented, the staff perfect.

Julia W. Brennan

Hi Gina – I can’t thank you, Paula, and all of the Garelick staff enough! What a magical day we had! I really appreciate the tremendous work, the delicious food, and the ease with which everyone made everything work. I got rave reviews from all of my friends and family, with particular raves about the sweet potato pancakes and the salmon. Again, please pass on my tremendous thanks to all!

Lisa Goldberg

Executive Director Temple Israel

Paula and Gina, I wanted to share my SINCERE THANKS for ALL THAT YOU BOTH DID to make my celebration such a memorable and special day for me. Gina — thank you for always taking my calls, listening to my direction, being so responsive and supportive throughout this process. Everything could not have run as smooth and efficiently without you always being so on top of everything. You are simply the best in all that you do!!! Paula — thank you for helping plan out a spectacular menu — everyone RAVED about the food — you nailed it!!! Not only the delicious taste where everyone is calling me to see if I have leftovers and can stop by (from wanting the Mac and Cheese for their kids to the salmon and quinoa salad and asian chicken and beef). Alice (my mother-n-law whom I love and my biggest critic but big fan of yours like me) enjoyed her leftover doggie bag you were so generous to provider for her, as well as my family who had to leave early and received their dessert to go was so wowed and loved everything. And of course the variety impressed everyone (including the jello shots and old time drinks; the desserts and candy stations were fabulous). Not to mention Mora Mora itself–how big, beautiful and cool the club-like space is!! A hidden gem in CT for sure! The staff was so professional, hard working, efficient and accommodating (it was so great to meet your beautiful daughter, Emma). It was clear they were a team working beautifully together. They have a terrific leader. And your non-stop hard work did not go unnoticed either. Garelick and Herbs holds a very special place in my heart (I was just reflecting that you personally have done by 30th, 40th, 50th, my husband’s 40th, Josh’s 1 year old (same time as my husbands), Rachel’s babynaming, Rachel’s bat-mitzvah, Josh’s bris, Josh’s bar mitzvah, a number of family holiday meals and dinner parties (Alice’s work and dinner parties), and the list goes on). Every special celebration we have had in our family has had G&H hands on. It really means alot. From the bottom of my heart, on behalf of my entire family, THANK YOU BOTH FOR EVERYTHING!!!! I’m truly blessed.


Gina& Paola, Everything was amazing! You beat me to the email but I do want to give you feedback because it truly was perfect! Everything was presented beautifully, sangria and lunch were delicious, cold foods were cold and warm foods warm, and it was all timed well. The staff was courteous, helpful, sweet, and made everyone happy. Every guest raved about how delicious the food was, how elegant and warm the vibe was, and how well orchestrated the luncheon was. Everything was exactly as I had hoped for. And at night, the food was just as amazing, especially the hors d’ouvres, beyond my expectations. Thank you for your guidance and role in making our mitzvah luncheon and dinner party so special and well run, my husband and I were truly able to enjoy it all. My only wish was for more leftovers :). Such a pleasure to work with you and warmest wishes for continued success,


We are so, so happy with the entire weekend. Starting with the Kiddush luncheon – everyone!! was raving about the food. Both the grilled cheese and the crepes were a big hit. Then Saturday night was perfect. Of course, I ate nothing (but I have indulged in all the leftovers) but our guests walked out stuffed. Everyone has a fabulous time. We have gotten compliments on the staff and just the entire flow of the party. Thank you! Thank you again for now 4 wonderful events. We don’t have anymore children for Mitzvahs but Garelick and Herbs will always get our highest raves.


Our Saturday event went very well, and we are so appreciative of all your help in planning it. The food was great and Paula’s vision of the table layout worked perfectly. The staff was absolutely wonderful — real pros and a pleasure to work with.

Marty & Ellen

Mora Mora is a perfect venue. My son had the kids party he wanted and my friends and family were able to share the experience and feel a part of our special day. We had the best of both worlds.

Linda Skolnick

You and your staff couldn’t have been more helpful, attentive and professional – everything was seamless and wonderful. Thank you for our second fabulous family Bar Mitzvah. You are the best!

Kelly Reznikoff

Everyone is raving about the food! It is delicious and the presentation is stunning as well! Thank you so much for your help, Gina – this worked out perfectly!

Mary Gill

Everything was top-notch as it always is! Nancy and Don were great and my husband and I are so grateful to all of you at G & H!! Thank you so much!

Ronni Zinn

It was the party of the year!!!!! The president of the United States couldn’t have had a better staff, better food better everything – you guys went above and beyond and I am overwhelmed with how I can even begin to thank you all. Please let paula know I wish I could hug her right now (I’d probably hurt her by doing so) I need a day or 2 to calm down a bit and step down from cloud 9 so I can be more civilized with my thank you :)) lol<br /> So grateful and well- I’m sure you will hear as everyone was blown away – the food was insanely delicious unique and exactly what I hoped for and more!!! Well done!


I am not sure who did the arranging for my platters today but they were AMAZEBALLS! This was a meeting for Alex with other CEOs so when the food arrived looking so beautiful I was thrilled!!! (Mind you it always looks nice, but today was like WOW!) Wanted you to know how super pleased I was with this presentation. Thank you!!!


We can’t thank you all enough for your very generous donation to our annual fundraising Bake Sale. While our families also contribute many baked goods to sell, we couldn’t do it without the support of fabulous local businesses like Garelick. Your pies and quiches are always extremely popular, and elevate the level of baked goods we are able to offer on our own. While our school has partnered with Garelick many times over the years, your Saugatuck location has now firmly established G & H as one of the “go-to places” for our PTA – when we looking for a place to host parent coffees or committee meetings, and when our volunteers are sourcing delicious, quality foods to bring in for Staff Appreciation events throughout the year.


Thank you so much for everything you did for us! You worked so hard to make our parties phenomenal! The food was fabulous, all my guests were raving! Mora Mora was a perfect place! Thanks to all your staff who worked so hard to make sure that our parties were successful!


Paula, We are so thrilled with the way the entire weekend went. Evan did such an amazing job on the bimah and our kiddush and party were wonderful. The food at the Kiddush were plentiful and absolutely delicious and loved the table linens and look for the room!! The night party was wonderful. The appetizers, dinner, desserts were all fabulous. I didn’t actually see the ice cream bar, or so many other foods, but I certainly heard nice comments. People loved the salmon. I guess I was so caught in the moment of everything, that many things went right by me. Lori was fantastic. She was so calm, willing to please, very helpful, and made everything flow so nicely. She really was amazing. She added a new table closer to the front where Joe and I were sitting and it just happened without causing a bid commotion and disruption. The entire wait staff, bartenders were delightful. I was amazed at how seamless and polite, friendly they all were. You should be very proud of your staff, but then again, they have you to set the example. Thank you Gina for all of your help with the menu planning. Evan loved the kids food. He raved about it all!! I’m ready to nap, and relax a bit. Paula, I hope we can see you soon. Sincerely, Jessica and Joel XO

Jessica G. Siegel

Hi Paola, Now that we have had time to connect with so many of our friends and family….everyone raved about the hors d’oeuvre’s! That they were delish and the presentation was phenomenal! The reubens were a big hit!) They were plentiful as well! I loved the mini Coronas with the chicken and the Patron. So awesome! That night, I had 3 people comment about the corn bread alone. The bass fish was a big hit! As were the desserts! The presentation was spot on! Not only was the food amazing, but so was your staff! And, you….not sure how you managed to be everywhere, but you were so helpful and attentive to Seth, me and our family! In addition to prepping your staff, you were amazing! You made the space work and run flawlessly. Thank you again for taking the journey with us and truly helping create such a memorable evening for us!

Dani and Seth

Being in the food business, we have come to learn that most of the time, the best feed back is everything came as expected. No complaints… which is what we would say. It all went smoothly and as we hoped it would. It is worth passing along that people upstairs especially liked the fish. One person commented again the next day. Kids took photos of the cocktail and were sharing them with friends. Water bottles were a big hit, for anyone who wants to do the same in the future. We have one more child to bat mitzvah in the next few years…so keep our file around. Until then, take care.


Hi Gina, We had a wonderful event and were so pleased with the above and beyond service we received from everyone at Mora Mora! Our guests loved the venue and raved about how delicious all of the food was. Thank you for all of your donations to our event and for being a part in helping us raise money for our programs and patients in need.

Robin Righter